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Get a Passport in Vermont

Let Vermont Passport Office help you expedite your passport or visa. If you are in need of a rush US passport, the expedited passport service team at Vermont Passport Office can help you get your application for a new or replacement passport underway in a hurry.

Vermont Passport Office specializes in helping clients obtain new passports, renew expired passports, replace lost or stolen passports, and procure visas for international travel to countries requiring visa documentation for entry.

Do you need a Chinese visa, a Brazilian visa or a Russian visa for your international travel itinerary? Every country has its own requirements and constraints for visa approval. If you need to get one or more visas in a rush before a trip, this can often become a confusing and daunting scenario. Vermont Passport Office helps to take the stress and confusion out of the experience. Our team knows exactly what to do to get your visas to you in a rush. Keep in mind that most countries will ask that you have at least one passport page completely blank in order to receive your travel stamp from that country. If you need more pages to keep traveling, let us know and we will help you obtain extra passport pages.

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